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Hunter by (Shlomi Nissim)

Hunter by (Shlomi Nissim)

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NOW PLAYING: Payphone by Maroon 5

NOW PLAYING: Payphone by Maroon 5

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”Do I have an intimidating face? Not many men come up to me and give me one-liners.” — Natalie Dormer for GQ Magazine (x)

My spirit animal

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7 Life Lessons From Breaking Up That Hurt, But Are Good For You


1) Take pride in yourself and don’t let anyone steal that from you

That girl who slapped me back then? A good friend was extremely angry about it. Not me.

He told me something that stuck with me forever, “It isn’t just about the physical pain. A slap is to humiliate, to look down and belittle you.”

From there on I wondered why I took it without saying anything.

Take pride in yourself. Don’t ever let others bully you. You may be in love or feeling all kinds of emotions up to your neck, but you can’t ever anyone cross the line and step all over you.

You aren’t a piece of meat for people to take out on just because they’re angry with the world.

2) You’ll learn a lot about yourself in relationships, and you may not like what you see

The girl who cheated on me? I ended up cheating on her back.

It was a very hard lesson as I initially gave her a hard time for it. Imagine my chagrin for doing the same.

And that’s the thing. In relationships and in life, you’re bound to do something totally unexpected of you; to act out of character from time to time.

Why? Because life is not easy. What you learn, say, think or even feel may not translate directly into your actions, especially when things get out of control.

So be humble and don’t judge others. Humility is a golden trait. Learn from the painful lessons and keep growing to be better and more positive.

3) People are not what they seem

How people act in front of others may not reflect who they truly are inside. You’ll be surprised how many people do this a lot, intentionally.

It’s extremely hypocritical, but some people are just like that.

So don’t be too surprised when people act out of their supposed character. Don’t cling on to titles and expectations.

You just have to accept people for who they truly are, even though that hurts.

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Mutant and Proud

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Game of Thrones wallpapers 2. :)

Game of Thrones fans. I made some desktop wallpapers. Baratheon, Targaryen and Stark

The Girl on Fire.

The Girl on Fire.